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McDonald’s as UK Bookseller?

This month, McDonald’s restaurants may earn the unlikely title of UK’s biggest children’s book seller, as it begins a promotion that includes one of Michael Morpurgo’s Mudpuddle Farm books with every Happy Meal. Partnering with Harper Collins publishing house, the fast food chain is set to give out 9 million books over the next four weeks. As reported in The Telegraph, last year, children’s book sales in the UK averaged about 1.16 million a week, or 6.4 million in a four week stretch. McDonald’s is poised to distribute a much higher volume of books.

The Happy Meal book offer features a selection of six titles in the popular Mudpuddle Farm series, including: Mossop’s Last Chance, Albertine, Goose Queen, Pigs Might Fly!, Jigger’s Day Off, Martians at Mudpuddle Farm, and Mum’s the Word. A finger puppet designed to tie in with the books will also be given out.

This book promotion is the latest step the restaurant franchise has taken to bolster a more positive and healthy corporate image. McDonald’s has already run a similar book give away in Sweden that was very successful. Hopefully, this British launch signifies that the fast food giant plans to expand these types of promotions around the globe. The move has garnered praise from literacy advocates in the UK. “Our recent research showed that one in three children in this country don’t own a book, which is extremely concerning as there is a clear link between book ownership and children’s future success in life. We are very supportive of McDonald’s decision to give families access to popular books, as its size and scale will be a huge leap towards encouraging more families to read together,” explained director of The National Literacy Trust, Jonathan Douglas.

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