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“The Walking Dead” Zombie Mayhem Continues

Fans of The Walking Dead get a double dose of zombie mayhem with the premier of season two of the AMC television series last night and the recent release of The Walking Dead: Rise of The Governor (Thomas Dunne Books, 320pgs), a book written by story creator Robert Kirkman and horror writer Jay Bonansinga. This is the first novel for The Walking Dead franchise, which began as a series of comic books. “I always thought about branching out into prose and doing a Walking Dead novel,” Kirkman explains in a interview with USA Today. “With the hype around the second season and the comic book series doing so well, it seems like the perfect time to launch it.”

The book delves into the backstory of one of the most iconic villains in the comic series. “The novel is basically the origin of The Governor (a despot who runs a walled-off town) and how he came to be. He’s a dark and twisted character in the comic book series but we never really learn the series of events that led to him becoming who he is.”

“He’s an important villain in the series who we’re always asked about with the TV show…We’re hopefully going to work him into the TV show very soon.”

Viewers watching last night’s 90-minute season two premier of The Walking Dead also got a first look at the trailer for Stephen King’s new mini-series, Bag of Bones, based on his best-selling novel of the same name. Set to air on A&E this December, the story centers on a writer who retreats to a remote lake cabin after the tragic loss of his wife, and discovers the deadly secrets and dark history of the little town that surrounds him. King’s official website has a link to a behind the scenes video for the four-hour series.

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