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Steve Martin Musically Inspired by Paul Revere

Steve Martin, the multi-talented, multi-hyphenate performer and Grammy winning banjo musician is set to perform his new song Me and Paul Revere with bluegrass band Steep Canyon Rangers on PBS’ A Capitol Fourth television special, airing Monday, July 4th at 8pm E.T. According to an interview with USA Today, the comedian based the song on the 1994 book Paul Revere’s Ride, which gives an historical account of the Revolutionary’s midnight ride. The critically acclaimed book, written by Brandeis University history professor David Hackett Fischer, outlines the American patriot’s biography and lays out the historical facts of the battles of Lexington and Concord.

Revere’s historical legacy has been mangled in the media as of late. But Martin set out to tell the “REAL story of Paul Revere” in the song, which is written in the voice of his horse, Brown Beauty. “On one hand, it’s actually quite accurate,” Martin explains. “My song is a historical song, not a political song…”[it's] actually just as interesting as the mythological history of Paul Revere’s ride.”

Martin’s appearance on PBS’ 4th of July special is just one stop of many on the current music tour with the Steep Canyon Rangers to promote his album Rare Bird Alert. The song Me and Paul Revere has become a real crowd pleaser and the musicians close each show with the number.

Me and Paul Revere is currently available on iTunes, but fans can listen to the entire song on the Reverb website.

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