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New Release: Worth Dying For

51RrmN6x0uL._SL160_By Lee Child
Delacorte Press | 400pgs
Release Date: October 19, 2010

Former military policeman Jack Reacher returns in Worth Dying For, the 15th book of Lee Child’s bestselling Reacher series. On the move again after narrowly escaping the deadly events of the previous novel 61 Hours, the battle-scarred hero finds himself in a small town in Nebraska. There, Reacher encounters a scene very different from the idealized mid-western farming communities. The Duncan clan, a small time crime family specializing in smuggling and human trafficking runs the town, and a confrontation with one of the members puts Reacher directly in their cross hairs. When he learns of a years-old case involving a missing eight-year-old girl, his deepening investigation puts the arrival of one of the Duncans’ valuable shipments in jeopardy. The family may be small fish in a big pond, but their partners who are in want of the shipment, are vicious sharks. In order to find justice for the long lost child and stop the Duncans’ intimidation of the town, the wandering hero must square off with a pack of the clan’s well-muscled henchmen, recruited directly from the defensive line of the University of Nebraska football team.

What critics are saying:
Numerous titles in the Reacher series have been #1 bestsellers, including 61 Hours, Gone Tomorrow and Bad Luck and Trouble. Child’s first book in the series, Killing Floor garnered the Barry and Anthony awards for Best First Mystery. Reviews for the newest Reacher adventure have been uneven. Thom Geier of Entertainment Weekly describes Worth Dying For as “curiously bereft of suspense”, and suggests that publishing two novels this year put additional strain on Child. In contrast, the book was highly recommended in the Library Journal review: “With Reacher outnumbered about 20 to one, the odds just don’t seem fair—to the bad guys, that is. VERDICT Reacher’s growing number of fans will enjoy this one. Unless, of course, they went to the University of Nebraska.”

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