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New Release: Still Missing

510nRNkKaKL._SL160_By Chevy Stevens
St. Martin’s Press | 352pgs
Release Date: July 6, 2010

Annie O’Sullivan, a young realtor on Vancouver Island, deals with the aftermath of her brutal abduction in Still Missing, the debut novel by Chevy Stevens. On a warm day in August, Annie has a lot on her mind during a slow open house, but when a friendly man shows up at the end of the day, her hopes of a sale begin to rise. Instead of brokering a real estate deal, Annie is kidnapped, held captive for a year in a desolate cabin in the wilderness, and repeatedly raped by her captor. The plot interlaces details of her year in hell, told through Annie’s therapy sessions, with her fight to regain normalcy after the ordeal has ended. She may have physically escaped her horrific prison, but is still searching for a vital part of her being that is still missing.

What critics are saying:
Chevy Stevens has lived much of her life on Vancouver Island, and had a career in sales before becoming a writer. Fellow writers and critics alike have given Still Missing high praise. “This may be Stevens’ debut novel, but it sure doesn’t read like a first book. In fact, it’s a knockout, a psychological thriller that pulls no punches and has a title that couldn’t be more apt,” writes Stephanie Zvirin in a review for Booklist.

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