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New Release: Go the F**k to Sleep

By Adam Mansbach
Akashic Books | 32pgs
Release Date: June 14, 2011

First things first, though the picture book format and brightly colored illustrations scream children’s book, Adam Mansbach’s new book Go the F**k to Sleep is for adults only, as is evident by the title. Written for parents everywhere who have nearly been driven mad in the quest to get their sweet babies to sleep, the author voices the frustration that many moms and dads have secretly felt, with profane humor. Each spread features a rhyming verse accompanied by Ricardo Cortes’ sweet illustrations of blissfully sleeping children nestled cozily with animals. The first two line of each verse are the saccharine fare of many a bedtime story, but the last lines reveal the annoyed and angry thoughts of a parent pushed to the edge. As the story progresses, the narrator’s emotions move from impatience to fury to utter despair at being a failure as a parent. The foul language and ironic humor elicit laughs and sympathy from myriad parents who have been tortured by toddler bedtime rituals and have wished with all their heart that their little angels would just go the f**k to sleep.

What critics are saying:
Critics have truly enjoyed the profane hilarity of Go the F**k to Sleep. In a review for the New York Journal of Books Lisa Rojany Buccieri declares: “Author Adam Mansbach is a genius. Why? Because he tells the truth and does it in such a sneaky creep-up-and-bite-you way.” While Jonathan Kiefer of SF Weekly concludes: “…Go the F**k to Sleep is self-evidently hilarious. Or offensive, if that’s how you want to be. (In which case, don’t reproduce.)”

In a brilliant voice casting move, Samuel L. Jackson was hired to narrate the audiobook version of Go the F**k to Sleep. Click here to listen to an excerpt.

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