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Dracula Still Thrills After More Than a Century

If any of you are looking for a scary tale to settle down with after all the little candy goblins have slipped dreamily into a sugar coma, try the classic blood-sucking tale Dracula by Bram Stoker. A recent AP article sings the praises of the archetypal vampire, comparing him favorably to the contemporary literary vampires of the angst-y teen heartthrob and tragic Southern gentlemen varieties. “Vampires have become too soft, too lovelorn, too nice. There’s no good side to the original Count Dracula. He’s evil, plain and simple.”

“From the first pages of the 1897 novel, with all those villagers watching solicitor Jonathan Harker make his way to the Count’s castle in Transylvania, the book draws you in…Dracula is surprisingly easy to read, and I highly recommend its company while waiting for trick or treaters.”

“The book is a page-turner and it’s understandable that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle said: ‘It is really wonderful how with so much exciting interest over so long a book there is never an anticlimax.’”

The best part is that Dracula can be enjoyed for free, via an eBook download from Project Gutenberg. For those still hungry for more horror stories, eBookNewser has listed 10 Free eBooks For Halloween on their site with an excerpt from each book.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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